Toorak College is changing school term to stop girls learning too quickly at home

Toorak College
Apr 28, 2020 6:20:53 PM

It has been truly remarkable to watch our students shine and embrace a different learning environment this term. Mrs Kendall talks to the Herald Sun about the success of our VCE and Early Learning programs in particular, and how we will be looking to continue with elements of our remote and online program when students return en masse.

In the media - 28 April 2020

Toorak College in Mt Eliza changing school term to stop girls learning too quickly at home

Senior students at a Mornington Peninsula private school are being sent to time-out this weekend. And it’s not a punishment but a solution to a surprising outcome of home learning. 

Extra long weekends are being scheduled at an elite Mornington Peninsula school to “pace” senior students racing ahead in their studies.

Toorak College made the extraordinary decision after seeing how quickly Year 11 and 12 students had adapted to online learning.

“They’re absolutely killing it,” principal Kristy Kendall said.

“Instead of worrying about how we’re going to get them ready for their end of year exams, we’re now looking at how we can pace them.”

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Toorak College Girls in the Early Learning Centre

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