Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone (and the reasons why you should)

Diane Furusho
Dec 12, 2017 11:41:08 AM

Stepping outside the comfort zone - Beyond Boudaries

Venturing away from the safe and familiar can make anyone feel a little uneasy, but it can also offer a variety of long-lasting benefits. By stepping outside your comfort zone you can learn new skills, build independence, develop resilience and learn things about yourself that you never knew!

The Beyond Boundaries Program at Toorak College encourages Year 9 students to push themselves beyond their boundaries. As teenagers, they are on a journey of self-discovery and personal development, so it is the perfect time to step outside the classroom and explore the wider world.  

Recently our students ventured to Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and remote regions of Western Australia to develop these valuable life skills:

Finding inner strength and determination

Taking a risk and looking beyond what is easy is hard but the key is to step over the hurdle and not let fear take over. Letting go is how you find your potential and grow.

Adapting to new environments and cultures

Once you step outside your comfort zone, you automatically broaden your horizons. As you explore and discover new things you gain new perspectives. Experiencing new cultures offers the opportunity to reflect on your own culture, deepening intercultural understanding.

Developing gratitude

Being thankful and appreciating all you have in your life brings contentment and happiness. Real world experiences that allow you to show appreciation and kindness can help you understand the importance of gratitude.

Motivated to start doing

Coming out of your comfort zone stimulates chemicals in the brain that make you feel happy. This in turn opens up new possibilities and motivates us to constantly work towards achieving more!  

It is important to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and constantly expose yourself to new and exciting experiences. As you get more comfortable with the unfamiliar, the easier it becomes!

My advice is to take the risks that seem worth taking and never be afraid to try something new.

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