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Success and Failure, Parenting

My New Year’s resolution: to be an exceptional parent

New Year’s resolutions seem to fade into the abyss after the first week. My particular New Year’s resolution is to always put 100 percent into my parenting, helping my children find their own sense of independence and determination. It may sound like mission impossible, but it can be much easier...

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Girl Power, Success and Failure

Teaching our girls self-confidence to be genuinely supportive of another girl’s success

Earlier this year I attended the Global Forum on Girls Education in Washington as a guest speaker. It was inspiring to engage in conversation with educators from across the world and hear that they face similar challenges as we do in Australian girls schools, namely; building confidence and...

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sport, Success and Failure

Why Sport and failure need to co-exist

  Sports participation has many benefits for our students, including increased physical activity, developing new friendships, learning to work in a team environment and building confidence. Yet, possibly one of the most important benefits is that it teaches students how to bounce back from failure.

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Wellbeing, Mental strength

How to build your mental strength

  In an all-girls senior school like Toorak College, building ‘mental strength’ is a concept we value with high regard. Our girls are always encouraged to dream big, embrace challenges and leap boldly with their passions and strengths at the forefront.

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Early Learning, Junior School

Teaching versus parenting: does a child need both?

A parent is a child’s first teacher.  The connection can be so unique that sometimes not even words need to be exchanged in order to gain insight into a child’s thoughts or feelings. Yet, when it comes to formalised education, it is then considered a teacher’s role to nurture a child’s curiosity,...

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Learning, Child Development

Is your child ‘prepped’ for Prep?

    The first day of Prep can be one of the most exciting and challenging times for a family. Toorak College places great importance on ensuring that children successfully transition each year. How does the School help transition the children? How can you as the parent help prepare them for day one...

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