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Kristy Kendall

Kristy Kendall is Toorak College's Principal and has a Masters of Education specialising in development psychology. She has authored 9 titles in VCE Psychology and is an advisory board member for the online learning tool, Edrolo.
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Success and Failure, Parenting

My New Year’s resolution: to be an exceptional parent

New Year’s resolutions seem to fade into the abyss after the first week. My particular New Year’s resolution is to always put 100 percent into my parenting, helping my children find their own sense of independence and determination. It may sound like mission impossible, but it can be much easier...

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Girl Power, Success and Failure

Teaching our girls self-confidence to be genuinely supportive of another girl’s success

Earlier this year I attended the Global Forum on Girls Education in Washington as a guest speaker. It was inspiring to engage in conversation with educators from across the world and hear that they face similar challenges as we do in Australian girls schools, namely; building confidence and...

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Learning, Girl Power

Studies prove ‘all-girl advantage’ assists in higher results and participation for females in STEM

Studies suggest that single-sex schools are advantageous for women who wish to pursue a career in the field of STEM. According to a Monash University study, females learning in an all-girls environment are up to 85 percent more likely to enrol in a STEM subject in VCE than girls from a...

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Girl Power, School Choice

Strong female role models can make the difference for girls

  Research tells us that females rely on and benefit from having same-gender role models more than their male counterparts. Girls are exposed to many role models, both positive and negative, each and every day. They use these role models as references for who they will become and whose behaviour...

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Girl Power, School Choice

The Dream Gap

Do Australian girls feel they are treated equally to their male counterparts? Research tells us that the majority of Australian girls don’t; whether it’s in the media, in sports, at school or even at home, and as they get older this perception of inequality grows.

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Wellbeing, Learning

Perform better at school after a good sleep

We all know that establishing good sleep habits is important for children and that a good night’s sleep is about getting to sleep, staying asleep and getting quality sleep. According to a study by Boston College researchers, Australian students are among the sleepiest in the world, with teachers...

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