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Learning, Child Development

What should a 21st-century classroom for Early Learners look like?

  Did you know that the architectural design of a classroom can have a major impact on your child’s learning? This is because a child’s brain is so malleable that an inspiring, inclusive environment helps establish a positive learning experience for them in their future years.

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Learning, Success and Failure

Perfectionism: is it a good or bad trait to have?

So often I will hear, ‘I just want it to be perfect.’ However, does perfect really exist? Or is it our best that we should be striving for?

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Learning, Girl Power

Studies prove ‘all-girl advantage’ assists in higher results and participation for females in STEM

Studies suggest that single-sex schools are advantageous for women who wish to pursue a career in the field of STEM. According to a Monash University study, females learning in an all-girls environment are up to 85 percent more likely to enrol in a STEM subject in VCE than girls from a...

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Scholarships, School Choice

Top tips to land a scholarship

Are you thinking of applying for a scholarship on behalf of your child? Don’t know where to begin? For many schools, the scholarship application and testing process is just around the corner so now is the time to start researching. Here are our tips to help you in your scholarship journey:

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Early Learning, Junior School

Laying solid foundations in Kindergarten to Year 2 positively impacts future learning

Research suggests children are more likely to achieve higher academic results if they are able to read, write and perform basic computational mathematics tasks by the time they reach Year 3.

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Girl Power

5 lessons from The Incredibles

Almost 15-years on from the original movie, the 2018 sequel of The Incredibles enlivened theatre screens across the world. Wife, mother, and superhero Helen Parr (Elastigirl) steals the spotlight from her incredibly strong superhero husband Bob and proves to her family that she can save the world...

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