How girls’ schools inspire the next generation to challenge the world

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Aug 4, 2020 2:57:11 PM

They say, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you’. 

We believe the same thing can be said about the world we live in: challenge leads to change. While there has been much gender equality progress over recent decades, our world is not yet gender-equal, and unfortunately, we are seeing Australia’s Gender Gap ranking fall year on year.

It has never been more important for educators to inspire the next generation of women to challenge the world and create change. Research shows that girls’ schools provide young women with a supportive yet challenging environment, one that ensures all students are encouraged to break free from stereotypes, be bold in their choices, and shine. 

At Toorak College, we do not seek to replicate the world. Instead, we seek to push boundaries and inspire growth.

The all girls advantage at Toorak College

How do all-girls schools help girls challenge the world?

Girls’ schools inspire girls to be their authentic selves

They offer students the best opportunities to ignore or break free from stereotypes, develop a strong sense of self, and gain boundless confidence. 

Girls’ schools help redefine gendered expectations

First, for themselves. Then, for the world. Evidence shows that the threats of stereotypes are reduced in a single-sex environment as females aren’t inhibited by culturally-driven norms surrounding female behaviours. 

All-girls’ schools move away from expectations and understand the fundamental role of any school is to provide students with options, to put the decision making back into the hands of girls, and allow them the chance to unapologetically uncover their passions. Then, they build and develop this passion throughout their educational journey. 

Schools such as Toorak College empower girls to achieve personal and academic growth and ultimately thrive in their future. 

An Australian study found that girls who attended a single-sex school are more likely to study STEM subjects at school and at university. In an industry where only 16% of the workforce are female, Toorak College is proud to announce that over 40% of the Class of 2019 were offered university placements in STEM fields. 

Girls’ schools champion supporting one another

It is critical that girls are given the support they need throughout their journey at school. 

Girls’ schools celebrate each and every student for their differences, their passion, and their drive. Support comes from other students and the wider school community, with statistics showing students at all-girls schools experience higher levels of support from classmates, teachers and other staff than peers at co-educational schools. 

The personal attributes of teachers - most notably their encouragement, care and availability - motivate female students to have compassion and empathy. Teachers promote an environment where each individual is expected to support their peers and celebrate their achievements. Further studies demonstrate that all-girls’ schools encourage increased self-esteem, psychological and social wellbeing in adolescent girls. 

Girls’ schools understand what support girls need to find their voice

Statistically, girls thrive in an all-girls environment. This is because girls’ schools provide students with a space that stimulates discussion, dialogue and self-discovery. Designed and purpose-built by girls’ education experts, the environment is centered around what girls need and their developmental milestones.

Girls’ schools are more relevant today than ever before as they prepare girls to become industry and global leaders. With many conversations around the benefits of women in the workplace and boardrooms, the voices of girls and young women need to be amplified. Girls need to be empowered to find their voice to stand up and be counted. Girls’ schools hold the golden ticket. 

This golden ticket is evident when over 65% of Toorak Collegians were employed in leadership positions in 2019. They have a seat at the table, and they don’t question whether they belong there. 

How girls schools inspire the next generation

Build her dreams with Toorak College

Girls’ schools don’t just focus on the present: they focus on the future, and work to shine a light on the impact all students will have on the world around them. Girls’ schools provide a safe environment where all students are encouraged to be their authentic selves: to dream big, to try and fail, then try again, to support others, and to champion change.

Toorak College is an independent, inter-denominational, day and boarding school and has an all-girls approach for students in years 5 - 12. Take a virtual tour where you can hear from Principal, Mrs Kristy Kendall, about the academic and personal growth programs on offer and the all-girl advantage. 

Discover what makes Toorak College unique by attending our tours and prospective parent information evenings. Visit us!

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