How Project Shine Unlocks The Potential In Every Student

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Feb 4, 2021 12:58:24 PM

“What you want to inspire in others must first shine inside yourself. Project Shine empowers our students to find their shine and project it, realising the potential that every student possesses.”

~Mrs Kristy Kendall 

Project Shine is a unique and holistic program developed by Toorak College, informing what we teach, when we teach it and how to best use what we know about young people to support their academic and personal growth.
Social, Moral, Emotional and Cognitive Development
Project Shine prioritises shaping the social, moral, emotional and cognitive development of every child. 
Research shows that students are constantly growing, reaching new milestones based on their age and development. Therefore it is paramount that curriculum reflects and compliments the changes to children's social, moral, emotional and cognitive development. From the age of 2 to 7 children's cognitive knowledge accelerates as they form a base understanding of how the world works. They start to understand cognitive reasoning, and see things from someone else's perspective. While socially, children in this age range begin to engage in role playing and  parallel play. The structure of Project Shine encourages children to explore these developmental milestones through explicit teaching, helping students find ways to explore their emotions and the expectations that surround them and for us to provide the best support and opportunities for all students to thrive. 
As our students move into adolescence their developmental needs shift, they are able to make complex decisions, and engage in various levels of moral identity. They are on a journey of becoming an abstract thinker and at Toorak College we want to harness this period of development. For our senior students, Project Shine not only equips Toorak College graduates for life beyond school, it allows them to experience it. We embed purposeful collaborative tasks at every year level and gradually increase the education around ethical and moral decisions with age. This in turn, helps our graduates make better choices and find the fusion of where potential, passion and curiosity meet. 
Thinking and Learning Habits
Project Shine prioritises the development of thinking and learning habits and strategies alongside the curriculum. 
We know that there are techniques that improve a student’s ability to understand and organise information. We teach a targeted program commencing in Year 3 to ensure every student knows the secrets to memory, learning and a range of study techniques to ensure they get the best out of their academic journey. 
From Year 7, students join a Growth Mentoring team and as a group they explore, through the themes of cognitive psychology, how to learn, how to interpret data and  feedback, how to put in place structured and achievable goals along with many more themes. By putting the student at the centre of the learning journey, Growth Mentoring empowers students as they learn to understand how to interpret the feedback and data they receive in a meaningful way.
Growth Mentoring is complimented by Agile Learning, a bespoke subject designed by Toorak College. This subject brings together the best of Technology, Business & Commerce, Society & Culture and Design, and sees students embark on an empowered learning journey where they identify real-world problems and challenges. Using the Design Thinking Process, students work in groups to strategise and find solutions to complex problems. This multi-disciplinary approach to learning inspires understanding and empowers our students through entrepreneurial, business, political and ethical mindsets. 
Future Skills and Looking Ahead
Project Shine prioritises every student learning necessary future skills and gaining future-focused opportunities. We understand we are preparing our students for unknown futures but the skills they will need are very much known. 
In 2019 Deloitte reported that Australia faces a future skills crisis, with reports highlighting the fact that skills are already in shortage, with the national skills deficit is set to grow to 29 million by 2030. 
Through Project Shine, Toorak College underpins the focus on the development of skills deemed necessary for the future. We ensure every student develops skills such as collaboration,creativity, information processing, decision making, emotional intelligence and complex problem solving.
There will be over 100,000 new IT jobs created in Australia by 2024, but Australia only has 3,000 to 4,000 university-qualified IT graduates each year. Toorak College is working to close this gap with the help of CS in Schools to expose our student to a variety of digital skills. Engaging with industry professions and working on real life projects for some of Australia’s leading brands, students get to learn coding, UX development and so much more.
The Four Stages
Project Shine occurs over 4 distinct stages; 
Project Enlighten focuses on this significant period of growth for a young learner by expanding the experiences of 3 and 4 year old children through a breadth of learning opportunities that will form their foundation of understanding. It is influenced by the principles and practices of Reggio Emilia, in which children are recognised as capable and resourceful. Every day, children in our Early Learning program are filled with excitement as they explore environments that are varied and engaging, with an emphasis on creativity and play-based learning. The explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy also begins for our youngest children, with a diverse range of specialist classes included that assist in developing each child’s academic and personal growth. 
Project Ignite builds on the foundations of Project Enlighten, as an inquiry-based learning program that is centred around key concepts and questions for discovery. Project Ignite is based on the belief that all children are unique and that they shine in varying areas. We expose our students to a diverse range of learning and co-curricular experiences from a young age so they can find their interests and passions with confidence. Toorak College students have a strong sense of who they are as a person and what kind of learner they are. Upon graduation from Year 6, they are prepared for Year 7 and beyond.
Project Illuminate sees girls develop skills such as critical thinking, complex information processing, design thinking, collaboration, problem solving, adaptability, empathy and resilience. Through these years, they begin to understand what is truly meaningful to them and start to define their future ambition.  Project Illuminate uses these ever-developing foundations to extend all our learners through three key programs:
Project Radiate is designed to allow our students to do just that, let their light be seen and project into the future that awaits them. Our students graduate ready for the world beyond school with confidence, diverse skills and a head start. Project Radiate ensures our students are informed and connected, allowing them to leap fearlessly into their future. 
Through Project Shine we encourage every child to find their shine. Helping them be the best versions of themselves, ensuring they have the chance to get the most out of their journey and giving them the opportunity to chase their dreams, goals and ambitions.
We are proud to put what is best for our students at the centre of every decision we make and are committed to making an impact in and out of the classroom as well as within the wider community.


At Toorak College we are on a mission to develop aspiring young people who have confidence and character, Project Shine ensures every student has the chance to get the most out of their journey and gives them the skills, knowledge, confidence and opportunity to be bold, ambitious and chase their dreams.

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