Starting Senior School is just another 'first'

Diane Furusho
May 15, 2018 3:31:54 PM

Year 7

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary school is an exciting time for students, but it can also be a time when they’re filled with nerves.

Student wellbeing is paramount at Toorak College. Through programs, facilities and being part of the school community students are supported in their transition from Primary to Secondary school. It is only June but the school is already communicating with the new students coming next year.

Before commencing Year 7 families are invited to an Information evening that provides a good understanding of what to expect, girls attend a Transition day where they have the opportunity to make new friends, meet their tutors and house captains, and they receive a letter from current Year 7s to help comfort their nerves and ignite their excitement.

Families are also invited to meet with Mrs Diane Furusho, Head of Senior School, Deputy Principal to share information about themselves, their goals and dreams. “Life is a journey filled with many 'firsts', starting Secondary school is just one of them,” says Mrs Furusho. “Talk to your child about the other 'firsts' they have experienced and remind them how they managed these. This will help to give them the confidence to embrace this new 'first'.  This is just another step in their journey, encourage them to embrace it.”

The first few days of Year 7 are spent participating in collaborative activities to learn more about one another and the school in a relaxed environment. This is about building friendships and equipping the girls with a survival kit of skills to help with the transition into Secondary school: understanding time management, prioritising, creating a positive learning space, stress management and making successful new friendships.  

Current Year 7 student Mia says, “When I first started at Toorak I was very nervous, everyone said it was an amazing school and that made me have pretty high expectations.  On my first day I meet the nicest people. I went home that night saying it is the best school in the world.”

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