Thank You, Teachers

Kristy Kendall
Oct 30, 2020 11:09:40 AM

Today we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, although we are not sure if one day is enough. Can we say enough thank you’s in just one day? 

We’ve frequently used the term ‘unprecedented’ this year, more than we many of us would have liked to have. And there is one group of incredibly special people who, when faced with challenge and uncertainty, rose to the occasion. 

Overnight, as the world turned upside down, our teachers adapted and innovated, upskilled themselves in real-time and continued to provide unwavering support to their students and communities. This year, our teachers brought learning and laughter into living rooms around the Mornington Peninsula. Every change was met with optimism and with every hurdle came a new adventure. While our teachers worked tirelessly to adapt their lessons, resources and teaching style to suit the digital landscape, they did not let their students miss a beat and were always there to provide them with reassurance and optimism. They continued to give us all a sense of normality and for that, we can’t thank you enough. 

In a time of uncertainty, teachers remained certain. Certain that each student would continue to learn and grow. Certain that our community would support each other and come out of this period stronger than ever. Certain that events and special celebrations would continue, even if they looked a little different to the past. Certain that where there is a will, there is a way. 

After months of remote learning, we know our families have a newfound appreciation for all that teachers do. Having welcomed all of our students back to campus in recent weeks, we have seen students return to campus brimming with gratitude and grateful for everything teachers do. This year we aren’t just saying thank you, we are celebrating everything that teachers do, everything they stand for and everything they have achieved.

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