The reasons girls thrive at Toorak College

Kristy Kendall
Jan 16, 2018 11:05:18 AM

advantages of all girl school

It is truth that the cognitive, social, psychological and developmental growth of boys and girls differ and that school choice has a significant impact on the development of children both academically and societally. 

At Toorak College we firmly believe that an all-girls school is best suited to the needs of girls as they move through their tween and adolescent years. 

Research shows that an education in an environment free from gender stereotyping enables female students to flourish and to maximise their potential. 

We take the challenge of educating today's young women and tomorrow's leaders very seriously. We strive to provide our girls with the best possible education, to expose them to a range of challenges and opportunities and to inspire them to aim high and dream big. Our graduates stand out as well-rounded, confident and ambitious young women who go on to make their mark on the world. 

Here are just 8 of the many reasons why girls thrive at Toorak College: 

Academic Success

Our broad and dynamic curriculum helps girls discover their passions and interests and as such Toorak College has a proud track record of achieving outstanding results. In 2017 our VCE students were among Australia's best with 70% achieving an ATAR of 80 or above, placing them in the top 20% of the country. We also recorded some fantastic NAPLAN results, receiving our highest scores ever in Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation and Numeracy. 

Pathways for success after school

As the competition for University acceptances gets more intense every year, Toorak College students are consistently accepted to and thrive in top universities. Over 95% of our Class of 2017 will go on to study at university, with many accepted into Science, Engineering, Design, Commerce and Arts courses. When a student graduates from Toorak College we know they are ready to face their next challenge. 

Unparalleled school spirit and pride

Each day out students are filled with an enthusiastic, vibrant spirit of true friendship, joy and support. When your daughter joins Toorak College, she becomes more than a student. Together with her classmates and House mates, she will engage in life-changing experiences that will shape her forever. 

Endless possibilities to find your passion

Toorak College offers students a huge range of clubs, music groups and sporting teams (including Quidditch!). The norm for our girls is to give everything a go and support each other in the process. They participate with gusto in a diverse range of programs, often discovering hidden talents!

Leadership opportunities

At Toorak College all of our leadership roles are filled by girls. From the head of the student body to the captain of the AFL team; from the first violin in the orchestra to the lead role in the play; our girls are constantly developing their leadership capabilities. 

Female role models

Every day our students are exposed to strong female role models across our student body, staff and alumni. Our students know that there is no obstacle too great that will prevent them from following their dream or pursuing a career in any field they choose. On a personal note I am proud to be breaking down the gender biases as the only female Principal of an Independent School in the Mornington Peninsula. 

Wellbeing programs

Be it in the classroom, on camp or with the help of a guest speaker, wellbeing is part of everyday life at Toorak College.We encourage out girls to step outside of their comfort zone and take calculated risks, knowing they are within a safe and supportive environment. Our programs for students and families alike help build gratitude, independence, resilience, confidence, healthy relationships and respect. 

Expertise in teaching girls

We understand girls and match their learning needs to our teaching methods.In addition our small class sizes ensure that we get to know every student as a learner and a person in order to bring out the very best in them each and every year.

We know that when girls thrive the world benefits but the reality is that the real world is not yet a fair and gender-equal co-ed playing field. The least we can do is lay the foundations and instil self-confidence in our girls throughout their schooling years so that when they leave school they know they are equal to their male peers and will accept nothing less.

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